GenoCAD webinar this Thursday, March 27

GenoCAD_logoAlthough it’s already posted in our news feed, I just wanted to add a reminder about our upcoming webinar on GenoCAD: open-source computer-assisted design software for synthetic biology. You can see the time and registration details here:

Free “Introduction to GenoCAD” Webinar presented March 27th

If you want to download the slides beforehand (so you don’t have to write everything down), you can access the slides and slide handouts for the Introduction here:

But in case you can’t make it for schedule reasons, you can still access the same materials from our web site on our GenoCAD suite pages. You can watch the video, download slides and handouts, and also try out the accompanying exercises.

There’s also a second tutorial with more advanced topics, and you can watch that video or access associated training materials for that version too:

We’ll also leave this post open for questions from the webinar–if we don’t have time to get to the issues we’ll tackle them here. Or if you go off and try some things yourself, and come up with something else you want to know or get stuck, we’ll get you the answers or guidance.

If you are the type to want some publications to read to better understand the resource, be sure to check out the GenoCAD team’s page with many references that will help you to understand the foundations of the development and features, and their directions going forward.

Wilson M.L., Hertzberg R., Adam L. & Peccoud J. (2011). A step-by-step introduction to rule-based design of synthetic genetic constructs using GenoCAD., Methods in enzymology, PMID:

2 thoughts on “GenoCAD webinar this Thursday, March 27

  1. Mary Post author

    There was a question from the webinar today that needs input from the developers:
    “Grant: Any APIs in planning for interfacing with e.g. Python, R, or MATLAB? ”

    We’ll ask the GenoCAD team to answer this one.

  2. Jean Peccoud

    We have been thinking of developing a programmatic access to GenoCAD. Different people have asked for different types of API and we are still trying to evaluate the best way to go about it. It will probably take the form of web services. If you have something else in mind, please contact me. Thanks for your interest in GenoCAD.

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