Video Tip of the Week: EuPathDB

I love pathogens and parasites. Really, I do. I mean–not up very close. But their astonishing range and cleverness often earns my respect. How these small organisms can wreak havoc on larger systems, inveigle the larger organisms to fly, carry, or ship them around during appropriate points in their life cycle, and to cloak themselves from immune systems–it can really be amazing. The EuPathDB–the Eukaryotic Pathogen Database–connects you (safely) to many of these tricksy actors.

We’ve mentioned them a couple of times before, but we never had a tip of the week on their site. They store details on a whole bunch of organisms important for health, and provide a wide range of tools to interact with the data. And I recently realized how many videos they’ve provided to help you access the effectively use their resources.

First there’s an overview sort of introduction that will help you to understand what their mission is:

But there are also a number of other videos that are more specific for the types of tasks you will want to accomplish. Some are more like tours of the sites, some are more detailed looks at specific types of data that are available. I’ll include the PlasmoDB overview here, but the same software features and behavior would be true for all of the parasites they host (ha–get it??).

They are also adding new videos–the one that I noticed the other day was this new one on orthology information.

So if you need information on pathogen genomics, be sure to investigate the EuPathDB site.

Quick links:

EuPathDB main site:

EuPathDB YouTube Channel


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