What’s The Answer? (schematic genomic context tree)

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This week’s highlighted question just came in late yesterday, so there’s not much chatter yet. But if you have any thoughts on how to create the kind of image that’s desired, it would be great. I’ve seen questions similar to this before so I think there’s demand for it.


Is there any software out there that can draw a simple, schematic rendering of a gene block across multiple species? The result should be something like: http://imgur.com/iKolcBU

Plenty of such renderings in STRING, FIG and EcoCyc, to name those that I know. Anyone has a pointer to a standalone or a web-based program that does this?


This is exactly the kind of small visualization task that would be great for a little coding project for a class. There are a bunch of these types of requests for tools that aren’t heavy lifting analysis, but helpful visualizations, that might be good tasks. If you have any ideas on how to do this right now though, please go answer over there.