Video Tip of the Week: Slidify for generating slides from RStudio

As you saw with our annual reviews posts, we’ve been delivering tips on a wide range of tools over the years. Some are heavy-lifting tools for analysis, many are browsers on some specific topic, some are simple items that do a task scientists need–like drawing a domain diagram or illustrating features of interest on a span of sequence. But it has even surprised us how popular our tip on Prezi and other similar presentation tools (including open source ones) has been. Every week that post gets dozens of hits still, even though it was months ago that it was published.

What’s awesome about that is how eager people are to deliver their information to other people, and go beyond PowerPoint. (That said, you can go overboard on these animations and styles, and I find they have some drawbacks around re-using the materials or providing them in other formats, like printout/handouts…). But sometimes they are really effective for the right materials and situation.

So when I saw this tweet the other day, I thought I ought to check out this tool called Slidify:

From the Slidify homepage you have access to more details. They also provide one video to introduce you to the functions. But there are other videos that offer further examples as well–including the recently uploaded Slidify Playground (and you can dance to it). For this week’s video tip of the week I’ll highlight the intro one:

Certainly Slidify (and RStudio) aren’t for everyone–but if you are using R tools it might be of interest to you. If you don’t know anything about using R for analysis there was a nice intro to it a while back that we highlighted: Introduction to R Statistical Software (with video).

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One thought on “Video Tip of the Week: Slidify for generating slides from RStudio

  1. fadhah

    Hi all,

    It is an amazing things that will helps to improve our presentation. However, when I search about it in the internet I found videos or some papers but it is not enough nor helpful for beginner users so, I think if there is a pdf documents that includes every things about it , that will very helpful. I know basic things about it but many themes I do not know how to use it or where I can find it. However, many users do not know how to change the backgrounds and such things. Hope you take my comment in interest.

    many thanks,

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