What’s The Answer? (Top bioinformatics of 2013)

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This week’s highlight is actually something that will be fun to watch–a panel of folks in the field are going to assess the top contributions to bioinformatics in 2013. I won’t post the whole thing, because it’s long–but I’ll give you a taste:

News: Top Bioinformatics Contributions of 2013

Hello all,

It is time to find the best bioinformatics contributions of 2013 just like we did in 2012 ( Top Bioinformatics Contributions of 2012). The original idea came to us after noticing that the yearly reviews in Science and Nature celebrated the large experimental projects, whereas bioinformatics tools like BLAST, BWA or SOAPdenovo rarely got mentioned despite their immense contribution to biology. More importantly, papers discussing elegant computational algorithms got recognized years after their publication (Pevzner’s dBG, Myers’ string graph) or never got recognized (Ross Lippert’s 2005 papers on using Burrows Wheeler Transform in genomics). So, we wanted to give recognition to the major computation discoveries in biology and try to bring attention to under-appreciated contributions with potential long-term benefit.

For this year’s effort, we assembled an outstanding panel of judges….[go read these details over there].


Nominations are about to close if they haven’t already–but you might have time if there’s something burning you want to suggest! Go submit your favorite advances of the past year. And keep an eye out for the results.