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Over the last few months I’ve been following the progress of a project called CodersCrowd, a social-media-crowdsourcing-coding-project site. The first musings I saw about it came from the bioinformatiscenti via twitter and Biostar:  News: #Bioinformatics Crowdcoding.  They were interested, and “cautiously optimistic” about it.

But I was waiting to be sure it launched to highlight it, so I could look around a bit and understand it better.  Well, it’s launched now, and I think some of our readers might like to have a look. I’ll start by offering you their intro video:

Bioinformatics CrowdCoding from CodersCrowd on Vimeo.

I think that is an interesting way to structure small coding projects and tasks, getting help with them, and learning about how to accomplish different tasks across bioinformatics. I like the emphasis that Rad placed on the implementation of solutions in that answer section at Biostar, not that this was a broad effort to solve all large coding problems across the field. I think that’s a nice niche. You can learn a bit more about his thoughts in this entry on LinkedIn that talks about the goals too. It also might be the kind of place that small projects in coding that could help biologists could reside. This is the sort of thing I’ve been musing about for a long time–and this could be a place where biologists with a little skill might be able to access the guidance they need to finish up what they need to accomplish, or to connect eager and talented young coders with people who need their help. That’s a function I’ve yearned for a long time now–and instructors have asked me for when we do workshops sometimes. Some schools don’t have a research group with problems to solve, but connecting them with people who need some coding would be great.

Sites like Biostar are great for general and broad discussion, and sometimes offer code fixes, but it seems to me that there’s room for a social coding site like this.

So check out their site for more details:

Their video directly for the larger size:


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