What’s The Answer? (ghost domains)

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This week’s highlighted question was intriguing–I loved the idea of the ghost domains–but it was the new answer with the link to many transmembrane predicting software tools that was quite handy. So I wanted to store that in my memory banks.

Question: Real or ghost TM domains

This is a Ciona savignyi Ur-BACE ORF from Ensembl

[removed sequence, as it borks the post here]

When I run this through TM prediction at http://www.cbs.dtu.dk/services/TMHMM/ , in addtion to the expected score at the signal peptide and the C-terminal TM I see another high score segment at 339-359.
Could this “cryptic TM” be real and significant in protein function/location terms ?

As we know these TMs don’t show high sequence conservation so homology comparison is not that useful.


Just to keep a copy of that handy list of tools over in my notes here, this is it: http://wiki.bio.dtu.dk/teaching/index.php/Prediction_of_membrane_proteins#Transmembrane_.CE.B1-helix_prediction_servers