New UCSC Genome Browser mirror in Australasia

From the UCSC-Announce list today:

We’re pleased to announce the availability of a public Genome Browser mirror for the Australasian research community:

The Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics (QFAB), in conjunction with the University of Queensland, Australia, maintains this full mirror of the UCSC Genome Browser, which is sponsored by the Australian Research Council. The QFAB mirror offers alternative access to the Genome Browser data when the UCSC site is unavailable, and may provide better performance for our Australasian users.

We’d like to extend our thanks to QFAB for providing and maintaining this mirror, and in particular to Jeremy Barker and Michael Pheasant for their collaborative work with UCSC in setting up this site.


In case of outages, I’m keeping a larger list of mirrors in a previous post.