What’s The Answer? (NGS tools directory)

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This week’s highlighted item is one that I missed when it came out. But it seems to be a handy collection of NGS software tools. It got a lot of votes up, so it looks like a lot of people think it’s a useful collection.

Tool: OMICS Tools: A software resource list for NGS and microarrays

Dear All,

ArrayDirectory changes its name, call me now OMICtools!

OMICtools is a free directory that provides an overview of more than 1500 software and databases related to NGS.

The current resources for NGS informatics are extremely fragmented. The goal of OMICtools is to help the scientific community to find software and databases. OMICtools will be continually updated to include the very latest papers in this area.

Do you want help us to improve OMICtools? There are numerous ways you can support us:

For developers:

-Submit your software and share it with the research community. You can submit your website here.

-Update the description of your tool (publication, image, programming language, etc.).

For users:

-Suggest new software and databases that are not listed in the directory. Just contact us.

-Write comments and rate the tools. First select the tool and then click on the links Details.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues. We hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards

Arnaud Desfeux

There are lots of different lists of tools to use, and each has a different focus. But this seems to be a good niche and it’s nice to know that it’s actively being curated.