Friday SNPpets

Welcome to our Friday feature link collection: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don’t make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment…

  • RT @girlscientist: What’s it like to be an editor at a conference? I tell @GenomeBiology (complete w/screaming authors!):
  • RT @deannachurch: Rich Roberts emphasizes the BIOinformatics should be more about biology than informatics. #ncbi25
  • RT @notSoJunkDNA: “N of 1” case reports in the era of whole-genome sequencing by Brannon and Sawyers from @sloan_kettering
  • RT @genetics_blog: #gi2013 @erlichya data release: they’ve released everything for free at
  • RT @emblebi: Large-scale assessment of transcriptome analysis software: papers by Paul Bertone and colleagues in @naturemethods -
  • RT @GenomeBiology: With ‘afterParty’, could BMC Bioinformatics have a contender for October’s #bioinformatics tool name of the month?
  • via email:  The RGD website will be completely offline and unavailable for two days–from approximately 7:00 AM (CST),  Saturday, November 30, 2013 through approximately 11:00 PM (CST), Sunday, December 1, 2013–due to a major computer system upgrade at the Medical College of Wisconsin.  This outage will affect both the website and the ftp site.
  • RT @girlscientist: Mo Summaries! :) RT @nextgenseek: Our post on ASHG inspired by Mo data Mo problems. #ashg2013
  • RT @Fabschreiber: TreeFam NAR paper available online : #orthology #trees
  • RT @ReskiLab: Latest version of the #plant #promoter #database released. Now incl. #moss and #poplar also. #plantsci
  • RT @matthewherper: Scientists Try To Drag Drug Trials Into The DNA Age With Master Protocol
  • RT @Addgene: RT @researchwhisper @beckerhopper: Nice, succinct listing! 10 Cover-Letter Tips For Submitting Scientific Papers