What’s the Answer? (zero-based, one based coordinates)

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This week’s highlighted item at Biostars is not so much a question, but an answer. It’s a very nice explanation of the off-by-one problem that so frequently bites bioinformaticians in the bits. Here are some examples from earlier this year:

I won’t recopy the post over here, because you should see it in full over at Biostars with the very helpful illustrations. You should bookmark this and save yourself whiteboard time in the future. As you can see over there, it got very high scores for helpfulness.

Tutorial: Cheat sheet for one-based vs zero-based coordinate systems

I am frequently faced with variant files of either 0-based or 1-based coordinates and having to determine which I am looking at and how to convert between them. I usually go to the white board and work it out. This time, I figured I would just create a digital copy….

[go see the details and helpful illustrations over there]

Obi Griffith

You’ll need this. Trust me. So many times I’ve had to address this in UCSC Genome Browser trainings, usually with SNP locations.