Tip of the Week: File Format conversion

fileformat_thumbMany of us have worked with DNA and protein sequences of course in several different formats: GenBank and FASTA to name two broadly used ones, but there are many others. Different tools and databases will often require different formats. More often than not, converting from one to the other format isn’t too much of a problem, the database will do it for you, or there will be some help documentation. But this isn’t always the case. There are several ways you can convert formats, for example Galaxy has some limited ability to do this and some databases allow you to export sequence in one of several formats, but often you’ll need a bit more help. ReadSeq is a publicly available software package (downloadable from that link) that will do just that. You could download or install, but EBI also has a web interface for ReadSeq (as do some other services). Today’s tip is for those of you somewhat new to sequence formats (or even some of us who aren’t) and need a quick web interface to converting formats.

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