UCSC Genome Browser: updated slides + exercises

Just a quick note to let you know that there are new slides up on the website.

The Introduction to the UCSC Genome Browser tutorial suite has new documents to match the current site.  This summer there was an update to the UCSC genome browser’s known gene tracks, which altered the ucsc ID values, and the example item that we use for the workshop changed (from .2 to .3, so it wasn’t exactly a huge deal).

But I have also updated the shots on the slides to reflect the current default tracks.

The new slides + exercises documents are now available on the UCSC Introduction landing page. Click the buttons for access to the new documents. Version 22 of these are the new ones.

Freely available because they are sponsored by the UCSC Genome Bioinformatics group, you can download these and use the slides in classrooms, workshops, or seminars to train others.

Quick links:

UCSC Intro tutorial suite landing page: http://www.openhelix.com/ucscintro

UCSC Genome Browser: http://genome.ucsc.edu