Video Tip of the Week: PATRIC Protein Family Sorter

So just last night my twitter feed was abuzz with bacterial infection drama. The Frontline PBS show was doing a whole episode called “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria” and based on the chatter I’d say they struck a nerve. Our antibiotic arsenal is failing us, and it’s crucial to figure out new ways to battle these organisms. Some of those things we might be able to learn from studying their biology, but in other cases their own enemies might help us out in finding new compounds that can be used against them. And boy am I glad researchers are looking for ways to combat bad bacteria.

Just as a coincidence I had planned to highlight PATRIC today. PATRIC is the Pathosystems Resource Integration Center, sometimes also called BRC for bacterial Bioinformatics Resource Center. Their goal is to support researchers who study infectious diseases by focusing on these pathogenic organisms. Go over there and open the “Organisms” tab to get a feel for the species they examine. They offer annotation details of these species, but also provide lots of analysis tools as well. You can learn more about them from their “about” page.

We’ve talked about their nice tools before, so I won’t rehash that whole story, but I wanted to highlight the new feature they tweeted about the other day. It’s a protein family sorter and heatmap tool. They also provided a helpful video tutorial to get you up to speed with it.

But this is just one of their recent enhancements and additions, so be sure to check out some of the other new things. And note that their videos and tutorials page has a lot of great guidance on understanding their site features.

If this is a topic that interests you, there’s also going to be a live chat today on the subject:

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