What’s the Answer? (most annoying problems)

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This was a funny question from a student. I liked the impetus to ask professionals in the field to describe their issues. And the extensive discussion points were worthwhile, I’m glad people took the time to describe the issues. Clearly they are annoyed.

Question: The five most annoying bioinformatics problems you face every week?


I am a CS student and I am taking a bioinformatics module at my university. As I will probably be coding some visualization tools soon, I would like to better understand how you bioinformaticists and bioinformaticians think and work and what issues do you face. I am also interested in the “gap” between the “computer guys” and the “bio guys” and what can we, the “computer guys” do, to narrow the gap.

So: What are the five most annoying bioinformatics problems you face every week or even every day?

Thanks. David


Go have a look, and add your own annoyances if you got ‘em.