What’s the Answer? (buying reproducible workflows)

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This week’s highlighted question is different than usual. It’s a poll/survey. I’ll post the basics here, but I’d like you to go over there and see the original question. There’s a link to the survey there.

Poll: Survey: Purchasing reproducible workflows for bioinformatics research articles

I am trying to gauge the demand for reproducible analyses.

Please take a minute to complete this survey: [go see the survey link at Biostar]

Jeremy Leipzig

As I noted over in the comments, I think Biostar readers are possibly not the right audience to assess this. Most of them could probably do a workflow with the details from a paper. But I have definitely spoken to more bench-focused researchers out in the wild who don’t have the support for this. I’ve had more than one researcher tell me they have a list of SNPs (or CNVs, or genes) and don’t know what to do next. They don’t have the skills themselves sometimes, and some are not provided with sufficient local infrastructure to do this. So I think there could be some interest. But Biostar geeks may not be the right target. Have a look and see what you think, answer the survey, spread it around to bench research types. Or if you have comments about the utility of this that you think folks you know might find valuable–maybe add that into the comments on the post.