The Perfect 46. Here we go again.

At least I didn’t say GATTACA, right?

I got an ad today for the Consumer Genetics Conference that had this little teaser, for a “science factual” film.

On September 25 at the Consumer Genetics Conference, a special advance screening of The Perfect 46 will be held. This science factual feature film is about a geneticist who creates a website that pairs individuals with their ideal genetic partner for children. The Perfect 46 hopes to inspire debate about science and our world, specifically the “what ifs?” of personal genetic testing, set in the very near future. The film is without a final sound mix and is still a work in progress. A discussion of the film, the themes it raises, and viewer reactions will be held during an interactive breakout group session the following morning on Thursday, September 26 from 7:30-8:30am. Brett Ryan Bonowicz, the writer and director, will introduce the film and lead the follow-up breakout discussion. > Visit The Perfect 46 Website

Check out the site:

The first item in the FAQ cracked me up:

Q: How does this work?
A: The state of California already has your genome. For a nominal fee, we will run your genome alongside your partner’s genome and address your child’s likelihood for over 4000 genetic diseases.

I get the premise. And maybe this will generate useful discussion. But there are so many ways this could go wrong…We’ll have to see. There are a number of additional short videos/podcasts over on the “press” page for the movie site. I’ll just put one here, from their homepage. But I guess this is the one you should see first.

Hmm. Will this end well? I have been eager to see the genetics-related film “Decoding Annie Parker”. I’m not sure I’m eager for this one.

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