Rat Genome Database requests signatures: by Thursday

rgd_logo.jpgA call came from RGD this week across their mailing list. They are doing a “white paper” to accompany a group of research papers are coming out in Nature Genetics. You can read the paper and become a signatory on this paper, demonstrating your support for rat genome research. There is a podcast right on their homepage that explains this in more detail.

If you think you might like to show your support as a signatory, please:

1. Go over to the RGD homepage. Listen to the podcast. (Ignore that dreadful music at the beginning, it goes away).

2. Download and read the white paper that is there. If you can support it, email the team.

3. Put your requested information (name, title, affiliation, etc) in an email to Tim and Howard–their address are right below the podcast.

If you think others in your department would be interested, please mail out a call to them. The RGD team needs this by Thursday February 28.

EDIT: bumped back up because today is the deadline.

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