What’s the Answer? (A bioinformatics Nobel?)

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I’m not sure why this 2-year-old question got edited the other day and it floated back up to the top. But it was funny to re-read some of this discussion. For a different project I’m on I’ve been looking back at some old scientific lab work that did get a Nobel Prize, and the underwhelming initial data and project details of that early work is really remarkable for what came out of that.

This week’s highlighted question:

Question: Nobel Prize and Bioinformatics

A lot of problems have been solved from a bioinformatics perspective and in most of the life science research bioinformatics immensely contributes. But till date there hasn’t been a single Nobel prize given to a bioinformatician or in the field of bioinformatics or biocomputing. what is the root cause? or what are we lacking?


I thought the discussion was fun to read. A combination of history and reality behind these awards. But who knows if the Human Genome Project and the underlying tools will be recognized eventually. If they do, I expect a whole lot more discussion and drama about who does get awarded and who doesn’t. If you aren’t familiar with the award for insulin that might surprise you too.