Tip of the Week: 3D Protein Structure Modeling

Today’s Tip of the Week is going to be slightly different than what we usually do. We usually highlight a genomics or biological database in the tip, but today I’d like to point you to some  tutorials on the basics of bioinformatics from “bioinformatics-made-simple.” The series on Protein 3D prediction is pretty decent and is a mix of videos and text tutorials. It will give you a basic understanding 3d protein structure prediction. Once you do that, you’ll be set and ready to start using the myriad software prediction tools and 3D protein structure databases.

The tutorial above is a video from part I that is quite basic: “what is a protein structure.” Most of our readers probably should already know that ;-), but the later parts of the series start getting into more details about 3d protein structure prediction. Part II is a brief discussion of the purposes and methods of prediction (with a video of common terms used), part III, part IV and part V (to come) then get into more detail about software and algorithms. Many have additional reading. It is pretty basic, but will at least get you started.

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