What’s the Answer? (favorite data repositories)

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This week’s question was one I was eager to watch develop. It wasn’t a question specific for a species or task, but what are the repositories you use the most. I’m always interested in seeing what the most needed resources are, and to see what other folks find necessary. So have a look at the answers, and bring your main sources over as well. I think it will be a nice collection for Biostar readers.

Question: What are your most-used public data repositories?

If you were to catalog public data repositories that house public “omics” and other high-throughput data, what would you include? What are some of the public data repositories to which you have contributed or that you use regularly? In particular, I’d be interested in hearing about repositories or databases of raw omics data that are off-the-beaten-path but that are critical to your research.

Clarification: I am mainly interested in databases that collect and host omics data. I see, for example, that flybase seems to host some modENCODE RNA-seq data.

–by Sean Davis

Have a look at the current answers, and check back to see if more come along. Add your favorites too!