Tip of the Week: One search to rule them all

Ok, well not exactly (wouldn’t that be nice). What do Ensembl, Gramene, Reactome, Wormbase, HapMap and RGD databases all have in common? (other than “.org” ;)) They all have a search mechanism powered by the same software, BioMart. [link fixed; Mary] In this week’s tip we take a real quick look at these and other databases use of BioMart and briefly show you that the steps are the same (choose dataset, filter dataset, list attributes to show) and you can search some of them all at the same place.

5 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: One search to rule them all

  1. Trey

    Chris, the link is changed. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘spaces don’t seem to work…’

    Can you clarify that so we can fix it?

  2. Chris

    As you see from my 1st post, all characters are run together (and out of the box).
    I’m entering this comment from Firefox, but the 1st was done in my RSS reader, NetNewsWire (v3 on a Mac).
    Not a big deal… it does a few strange things, afterall, it’s not a real browser.


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