What’s The Answer? (more Venns)

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Venns, I love them. We’ve talked about ways to generate Venn diagrams before, and I’m always interested in new strategies to represent data visually. So I enjoyed watching this play out, and the discussions of the needs and the features.

Question: Venn/Euler diagram of four or more sets

OK, I need a for-dummies tutorial on how to make approximately proportional Euler diagrams from FOUR sets. I can do three, but I can’t figure out more than that. I’ve tried vennDiagram and vennerable but the manuals for both of these programs aren’t written for someone new to R. Also, I’ve used the Venn/Euler plugin for Cytoscape 2.8 to make an “area-proportional” Euler, but it has some issues, plus there’s no customization of colors, fonts, etc (see image posted below).

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure it out for myself and I’m stuck. I’ve posted on other forums but no one has any advice.

I don’t have a degree in CS. I know very little R (that’s probably the problem, but I can’t spend months getting good at it for just this). This will help me a lot in being to better use R anyway.

OK, here’s four sets, unequal in length, with overlaps between them….

[example of data is provided, and then some examples of attempts to accomplish the task]



It’s a longer issue than I wanted to paste here, I’d like you to go over there and see how it proceeded. And if you have any other ideas, be sure to bring them to the answers.