GenoCAD training action shot

Recently we had a training at WashU on the GenoCAD tools that I mentioned before–the ones that are currently the “most viewed” item on figshare: computer-assisted design tools for synthetic biology. And the Peccoud lab has posted a brief report on that session on their blog, with photo of me doing the training:

GenoCAD tutorial at Washington University in St Louis

It was a great opportunity to workshop the new training materials (which you can access over there). We are now making a few tweaks to make the sessions even smoother, and we’ll have the recorded versions up soon.

There’s an opportunity to get this training coming up at the end of July at Tulane if you are there–contact the Peccoud lab for details on that one from their blog.

The GenoCAD site:

Edit: two opportunities for more GenoCAD training came across twitter yesterday with more details. Just wanted to add them here.