What’s The Answer? (zoology databases)

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This week’s question is one that I haven’t seen much, but I liked the discussion. It’s about zoology resources. Since most of the questions at Biostar are genome-level, it’s refreshing to see some chatter about organism level. But I can see the need. I’m not sure the current answers are all that may be out there.

Question: Any Zoology Databases online? Information on aspects of physical characteristics and behaviour

Dear All, thank you for your attention. I was wondering if any of you knew of a specific zoology database resource that contains information about known species that is both comprehensive and accessible through a script?

I have found certain localised information but have not been able to find something that is both consistent in parameters and extensive.

I realise that the available information on various species is likely to vary in amount and detail but maybe one of your know of an organisation or institution that has made an attempt to create a uniform structure that will aid computational interrogation and analysis.

Many thanks All the best


There are some resources that were not familiar to me. I’ll be checking those out. Got any other suggestions? Bring them over. I’d like to see what’s available in this sphere too.