“Most viewed” item in figshare is….software training?

So if you go to visit figshare today, and you click the “Browse” link at the top, and then you select to sort by “most viewed” from the menu, what do you get?


Yes, for reasons I cannot explain, work that we’ve created or uploaded appears right at the top–the GenoCAD training we are developing, and a copy of the UCSC Genome Browser intro slides. Honestly–how we are beating “World Beer Consumption and Scientific Productivity” completely stumps me. I am rather pleased to see that the herring transcriptome is ranking so high too though.

I was joking on twitter the other night, though, that a #1 viewed rank and $3 will get me a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. I’d love to see if this has any value in a grant situation, but I have no idea if it would. But it does make me wonder how and why this has happened. Is it really reflecting interest, or a need? Or is there some other way to interpret this?

Software training on genomics tools is a curious thing. A lot of people tell us how much they need this, and they appreciate the training which saves them lots of time in their work. We know we improve their awareness of what’s available, and their efficiency. At the last workshop we did at WashU, a woman in the back of the room emitted a huge sigh during Trey’s advanced UCSC section. Trey was worried that he’s confused her, but instead she said that in fact what he had just shown her saved her a ton of work. She was actually just incredibly relieved to learn what we could show her. And we see this a lot. But we have no way to measure that really.

But other times we find–say in grant situations–that software training isn’t scoring very high in the priority list. Yeah, it’s not novel and innovated enough I suppose. The people who need the training have no mechanism to push upwards really and express the need or quantify it. It’s kind of individual–you need what you need, when you need it. But it’s not an organized demand that we can point to in any way. Yet just a couple of weeks ago I attended a Software Carpentry training with 120 women who wanted better knowledge of software tools. Demand is there. I wish it was better recognized how important and useful it is.

I’m gonna go get a cup of coffee. And then make some more training. Go figure.


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