GWAS Monday

Ok, so we don’t have GWAS (Genome-wide Association Study) mondays, but we might as well have. The field of study seems to be growing hugely fast, especially when you consider one of the first major GWAS was published just a short 2 years ago (or 4 years ago, depending on how you define major, still… short time ago :).  I read this post at Spittoon last month and thought I’d link to it (better late than never), but it appears now that there now over 328 GWAS published and many more coming. The post goes on to wonder “what next?” and summarizes some interesting articles at the New England Journal of Medicine from last month.

While I’m at it, let me point out some past recent posts on GWAS and tools here ;). Last summer I posted a note about Ensembl and UCSC Genome Browser’s GWAS viewers, in November Mary posted a link to a list of then complete GWAS, in January she also posted a Tip of the Week on visualizing GWAS using HapMap (where a commenter pointed to this useful paper), in February I posted a quick link to a new GWAS viewer, and you can find a few other posts on GWAS by doing a simple boolean search of the blog.