Official Launch of the new Database of Genomic Variants (DGV)

The Database of Genomic Variants (DGV) has been working on a new site for a while. It’s been available as a beta site to get used to it and kick the tires, but now it’s ready for prime time. They are retiring the existing site and moving to the new version.

As a public service announcement, I’ll paste the text of their email notice here. We’ll update our tutorial soon–we like to give new sites a bit of time to work out the bugs, but then we’ll rework our materials as soon as we can.



We would like to announce the official launch of the new Database of
Genomic Variants! The latest release includes a number of updates and
corrections to the current data, and this completes the transition
from the original ( and the Beta
version ( to the new Database of
Genomic Variants ( ).

We will now host only one version of the database, and the original
site will be retired. We will continue to provide a track of the
original DGV data in the genome browser (gbrowse) which will be
searchable and include details from the original variant details
page. Any links from third party sites and software which use the
“VariationID” to point to the original DGV genome browser or
variant details page will be automatically redirected to the
corresponding entry in our new database. This will ensure that all
data (new and old) will be fully available to users.

We will work with the various partners and websites that provide
links to the original data to update the content to reflect the
information available in the new site.

With this final update, we have included a total of 53 studies,
representing all of the fully curated and accessioned versions of the
original studies, in addition to 10 new datasets. There are a number
of changes to the content and format, and we have summarized these in
the newsletter, which is available at

We have provided additional details in our FAQ and Training Resources
pages including an updated tutorial which can be found at

As always, we appreciate your feedback, and if you have any questions
or concerns please contct us at for help and

Best regards,

The DGV development team

The Database of Genomic Variants