What’s the Answer? (pathway enrichment tools)

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This week’s highlighted question led me to some tools that were new to me. Some were old favorites, like DAVID, of course. But others were new to me. And those are my favorite types of questions!

Question: Pathway Enrichment & genes shared between the pathways


This is extension of the thread related to pathway enrichment tools discussed previously and quite extensively here on Biostars.

I have little complicated question:

Imagine you have a list of genes (more than 1000) and you want to know the pathways that are enriched by them (with p value <0.05) and also the number of genes shared between these pathways.

Any ideas to do this in less time consuming & efficient manner?

Thank you


So have a look at the lists of tools available in the answers, and the linked locations. Good stuff, some of which you might see as a Tip of the Week someday too!