What’s The Answer? (color genes in a pathway)

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This question was started a while ago, but it had a recent answer that floated it back up. But it’s a question that people ask a lot as they are dealing with big lists of genes from various experiments or mining exercises. And lately I was highlighting some pathway stuff at BioStar recently so I thought this would be a nice companion piece.

Question: Color specific proteins/genes on a signaling pathway

I have a list of genes/protiens. I would like to color my list of proteins/genes on a signaling pathway. I know KEGG has a tool for doing this (the search and color pathway map). Is they any other alternative that is publicly available? If not, how can I accomplish this task (any pointer or heads up). Thanks


I knew about the KEGG method, but really need to look harder at Biotapestry. Check out the answers to see more on that.