Corn genome released

corn.jpgSometimes it feels like “another day, another genome….” ’round here. But this one is big. Corn is such a major commodity–important in history, for our current food supply, and for the future. Today researchers announced the completion of the maize draft genome. You can view it here:

The Maize Genome Browser

The browser appears to be based on the Ensembl framework. So I would expect you can do the same kinds of searches, displays, and custom BioMart queries that you may recognize from other databases. But I can’t seem to find the BioMart link just yet…? It also links to Gramene, another important place to find plant genomic information.

From the press release at EurekAlert (excerpts):

A team of scientists led by Washington University in St. Louis has begun to unlock the genetic secrets of corn, a crop vital to U.S. agriculture. The researchers have completed a working draft of the corn genome, an accomplishment that should accelerate efforts to develop better crop varieties to meet society’s growing demands for food, livestock feed and fuel…

The draft covers about 95 percent of the corn genome, and scientists will spend the remaining year of the grant refining and finalizing the sequence….

Corn is only the second crop after rice to have its genome sequenced, and scientists will now be able to look for genetic similarities and differences between the crops, Quatrano adds….

Happy hunting, genomics folks!

PS: Did you know that Gramene has recipies? How many species browsers have that?? Actually, if you know, go ahead and post them!

Edit: It looks like this browser at Maize Sequence is based on the July 2005 release of the genome data that they had at the time. Hey, where’s the new one??  That’s what I get for posting before I’m done with my coffee…

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