What’s the Answer? (10,000)

BioStar is a site for asking, answering and discussing bioinformatics questions and issues. We are members of the community and find it very useful. Often questions and answers arise at BioStar that are germane to our readers (end users of genomics resources). Every Thursday we will be highlighting one of those items or discussions here in this thread. You can ask questions in this thread, or you can always join in at BioStar.

This week I wanted to highlight a milestone at BioStar: 10,000 questions–most of them with an answer–are available to you over there. And there are new questions, conversations, and guidance coming along all the time.

News: Biostar: 10,000 question milestone

This milestone has snuck up on us, we only noticed it this morning.

As of today Biostar contains 10 thousand questions, the vast majority of which have answers and/or comments associated with them. Having started about three and a half years ago from zero we have now grown into one of the most relevant sites that cover the fields of Bioinformatics and Genomics.

Congratulations and many thanks to the thousands of tireless and selfless contributors that make this site possible and with that promote science, education and technology, thus making the World a better place!

Istvan Albert

This type of crowdsourced help is so important in this arena. The amount of support varies so widely at software and data providers’ projects. And the software and data changes after it gets published–documentation may not keep up. And there’s new software and data always coming along. Some of these tools and data sets are out before a publication is available.

So have a look at the crowdsourced knowledge–and bring yours too!