Building computational skills for women in science

get trainingIt’s really crucial for scientists of all stripes to have some computational skills in their toolbelts. In genomics, the deluge of data that needs to be sorted, sifted, and analyzed is not going to stop–so it’s even more urgent that everyone gets some comfort and capability to work with the data, do some scripting to solve some issues you might have, and assess the tools you might want to be using.

For various reasons, women in science may not have pursued much coding. But there are new efforts to bring women researchers up to speed on some of these skills by the Software Carpentry team. There’s a workshop coming up in Boston in June that is a great opportunity if you’ve been thinking about tackling some of the basics.

Women in Science and Engineering (Boston): Jun 24-25, 2013

Click that link to access the registration page. It’s only $20 for two days. It’s a bargain.

Bostonians: if you don’t need the skills, send your students. Tell your department. Put up a flyer on the bulletin board.