A new look for the UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser

From the UCSC Genome Browser announcement mailing list:

The UCSC Cancer Genomics group has recently remodeled the interface of
their Cancer Genomics Browser (https://genome-cancer.ucsc.edu/) to make
it easier to navigate and more intuitive to display, investigate, and
analyze cancer genomics data and associated clinical information. This
tool provides access to many types of information —- biological
pathways, collections of genes, genomic and clinical information -— that
can be used to sort, aggregate, and perform statistical tests on a group
of samples. The Cancer Browser currently displays 473 datasets of 25
cancers from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) as well as data from the
Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) and Stand Up To Cancer.

You can find more information about how to use this tool in the online
tutorial, user’s guide and FAQ. Any questions or comments should be
directed to genome-cancer@soe.ucsc.edu.

Donna Karolchik
UCSC Genome Browser Senior Engineering Manager