What’s The Answer? (odd names for tools)

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This week the Biostar folks had some fun giggling about the names of tools in bioinformatics.

Forum: CRAC: funny and/or weird names for bioinformatics tools

The latest Article Alert from Genome Biology had a software tool that caught my attention

I started imagining headlines of the sorts: CRAC Leads to Breakthroughs

What other weird or funny names for tools/methodologies are out there?

By the way here is a suggestion for a good bioinformatics tool name: YOLO

Or even better YORO meaning You can Only Run it Once

Istvan Albert

Actually, though, the names that I think are the toughest are the ones that also stand for other software or words that are challenging to search for. Ever try a search for VISTA? How about DAVID? But someone did bring over the name that I think is the best one I’ve seen. MethLAB. Although I suppose that might also offer search challenges–and possibly flagging on some kind of DEA watchlist….