What’s the Answer? (off-by-one)

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This week’s question is one that comes up a lot in trainings we do on the UCSC Genome Browser. The nickname for this problem is “off by one” and so when I saw this tweet go by, I knew exactly what had happened.

This week’s highlighted question:

Question: 200bp long query returning 201bp

In Ensembl when I use this link to return the sequence on the sense strand of X chromosome between 200000 and 200200 I get the following output:

>X dna:chromosome chromosome:GRCh37:X:200000:200200:1

This contains 201 nucleotides, but from my query I was expecting 200. Where has this extra nucleotide come from? Which position is it at? Is my query wrong?


The comments below the answer help explain the issue, and the links that Istvan offers in the answers go further. But I’ll also add a link to the UCSC Genome Browser help page explanation about the discrepancy between the way it looks on the browser and why you might be confused if you do another kind of query.