DGV releases a pre-publication data set

I got my newsletter for May from the Database of Genomic Variants, or DGV.  They announce the availability of a large data set of variants from HapMap individuals.  There are more than 8000 variations available in this set.

It’s not peer-reviewed at this point, so keep that in mind.  But if you are eager for new CNVs (copy number variations), you may want to have a look.

This data are released in DGV pre-publication, and we will therefore not incorporate these regions with the rest of the data in DGV (which has all gone through peer-review).
At this stage, the data will be made available through DGV in two ways. The entire data set will be available as a text file for download on the DGV download page, and it will be shown as a separate track in the DGV browser under the heading “Provisional data release from the Genome Structural Variation Consortium”, in a track with the name “NG42M_CNV (CNVE)”.

The data is subject to the “Fort Lauderdale” non-scoop rules:  you can use the data, but the data’s owners reserve the right to publish on global aspects of the data set first. You can see more on the details of use here: http://projects.tcag.ca/variation/ng42m_cnv.php

You can access DGV here: http://projects.tcag.ca/variation/

The newsletter with the details links from the bottom of the homepage.  Here’s a link to that (warning, PDF): http://projects.tcag.ca/variation/DGV_Newsletter.pdf