What’s the Answer? (making multiwig)

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This week’s highlighted question is a bit different. It has to do more with creating the overlay track type that became available at UCSC that lets you show multiple results–like the colored peak and valley wiggle tracks you might recognize from the default ENCODE regulation data. People have been asking at our workshops how those are done, and we point them to the multiwig info, but this is a nice guide to doing that as well.

Tutorial: Overlay Multiple Tracks in UCSC Browser [Quick Minimal Tutorial]

Hi, just wrote a quick tutorial for overlaying multiple tracks in ucsc.

Follow the link http://biofeed.tumblr.com/post/45676161703/overlay-multiple-tracks-in-ucsc-browser.

For full documentation and detailed syntax refer to



Sukhdeep Singh

Have a look, and try it out for your data. And check out that new visualization tool in the comments below as well.