Tip of the Week: FlyBase

I have a soft spot for Flybase. My Ph.D. work used Drosophila and I’ve used Drosophila species to teach after that. Something about Dipteran  genetics fascinates me. FlyBase is also one of the older genetics and genomics databases and we’ve got a tutorial on it. Today’s tip is their 12 minute video of FlyBase for Undergrads. One of the things I always believed is that the databases and analysis tools we train on and come across in our daily work are excellent places for teaching and learning genomics for undergraduates. Lots of data and lots of analysis that would make very interesting projects and experiences that an undergraduate could do.

Today’s video starts off with a kind of silly live-action sequence :D, but fun silly, and walks through FlyBase on an introductory level. Check it out.

They have a  youtube channel with two additional (and much shorter) videos on using TermLink, a controlled vocabulary search tool, and an introduction to Fast-Track, a community paper curation tool.