Video Tip of the Week: Introductory Cheminformatics

This week’s tip of the week is a bit afield from what we usually cover. But sometimes I see that people are looking for cheminformatics materials from our site, and this resource that I learned about recently seems like a terrific effort to wrangle some of the basics and foundations of cheminformatics (or, as David Wild notes in the video, the Euro form “chemoinformatics”). So watch this video to learn about the site that he has developed called ICEP, the Indiana Cheminformatics Education Portal.

Here is the first video in their series of introductory videos, and it covers many of the features of their educational site. It provides pointers to helpful resources. It directs folks who are new to the area to the important journals in the field. One of the papers referenced within the video is cited below–Grand Challenges for Cheminformatics. For folks who are new to exploring cheminformatics as a field, it offers a nice overview of important areas of science that will be impacted by cheminformatics research–it’s not just drug discovery, but also environmental issues such as green chemistry and global warming.

The other thing that I like about this portal idea is their low-cost textbook that’s available. I think textbook prices are certifiably insane, and in these fast-changing fields would be much better served by efforts like David’s to assemble an e-book that could be much more responsive to the needs of students today.

So check out the Cheminformatics Education portal for more details.

Quick links:

ICEP Indiana Cheminformatics Education Portal

Cheminforeducation’s YouTube channel


Wild, D. (2009). Grand challenges for cheminformatics Journal of Cheminformatics, 1 (1) DOI: 10.1186/1758-2946-1-1