GMOD community survey–with a prize drawing

Hey folks–a public service announcement:

I have just been made aware of the GMOD community survey that’s running right now, through March 1. The folks who support the GMOD tools and projects are interested in your experience with the tools, and the good features and the “needs improvement” sort of things about them.

They are also interested in hearing about what might be useful to include–areas they aren’t covering right now. And if there are strengths or gaps on other aspects of of the projects, such as training or support, that you may have encountered.

Here’s a bit more detail from the email I got:

We’re looking for feedback from users on what GMOD tools that they use, what they think works (and what doesn’t!), how they rate the support and training options available, and so on. The results will be used to help GMOD serve its user community better and to guide the future development of the GMOD project. As a bonus, everyone who completes the survey can enter a draw to win a genetic test from 23andMe.

The survey is at and there’s a news item about it on the GMOD website at .

So have a go at the survey yourself, and tell your colleagues. We all know how important it is for these projects to get feedback for future funding and support. And to drive the projects in the directions that we see as a need. Go! Help them out.