What’s The Answer? (design plant promoters)

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This week’s highlighted item is something that I’d love to try. Plant tissue-specific promoter design. I can really see the advantage of tools for this.

Promoter Design Challenge: Design a plant promoter and we will construct it.

Design a synthetic plant promoter to control gene expression to specific plant tissues or times of day. RIKEN will synthesize the DNA, transform it into a plant, and measure the gene expression level using Firefly Luciferase to create glowing plants.

Prizes awarded to the best functioning designs! http://genocon.org/promoter/


I wish I had time for this. Or that I had heard about it sooner. It ends on Friday. Hawaii time…but still…can’t get there this year. Maybe I’ll watch for it next year though! Will give me time to check out their software in more detail anyway.