The 3rd International Biocuration Conference was Amazing!

I’m nowhere close to being able to describe all that I saw and learned at the conference – I have pages and pages of notes, all full of good stuff – but I did want to give you a brief update today. The conference occurred April 16th-20th in Berlin at the brand new Seminaris conference center just south of Berlin. I had never been to Berlin before & so I went a few days early to sight see. I really enjoyed Berlin & suggest that if you have the chance to visit there that you do. But this is a science blog, not a travel blog, so onto the science…

ism_biocuration_logo On the first day of the conference we celebrated the inauguration of the International Society for Biocuration, or ISB. If you are interested in learning about the society, or joining, you can check them out here.

Also, all poster and talks from the conference are requested to be published at Nature Proceedings, and several are already available. My submission just completed its way through Nature’s curation process and is available here. If you find presentations there that you support, or want to “applaud”, you can “vote” for them. I’d appreciate any support you’d care to give my talk (hint hint) :)

OK, I’ll probably blog more about the conference after I cull my notes & get further on my meeting report, but in the meantime enjoy the links I’ve provided, maybe join the ISB & HAPPY FRIDAY!