What’s the Answer? (in silico knockouts)

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This week’s highlighted question is something I’d like to see, and I feel like I have heard examples, but I can’t quite place the possible tools.

A model for in-silico knock-out experiments ?

I want to assess impact of a knock-out experiment using a simiplified in-silico approach. At the moment, I trying to solve the problem by creating a tissue specific network and see various network properties with and without the gene (that knocked out) and its vertices. Is there any better way to do it using a more robust network/systems based method or something similar to synthetic lethality for non-cancerous phenotype ?

Khader Shameer

There’s only one suggestion over there right now. It’s bugging me because I feel like there’s something I can vaguely remember having read or seen and can’t seem to pull it out of my memory banks. Anyone got any leads on this? I can really see the utility of this idea. If you know, go add your thoughts to the answers.