Video Tips of the Week, Annual Review V part deux

As you may know, we’ve been doing these video tips-of-the-week for FIVE years now. We have completed or collected around 250 little tidbit introductions to various resources through this past year, 2012. At the end of the year we’ve established a sort of holiday tradition: we are doing a summary post to collect them all. If you have missed any of them it’s a great way to have a quick look at what might be useful to your work.

You can see past years’ tips here: 2008 I, 2008 II, 2009 I, 2009 II, 2010 I, 2010 II, 2011 I, 2011 II.

Annual Review V part one for 2012 last week.

July 2012

July 4: Chromohub, annotated trees of chromatin-mediated signaling

July 11: ScienceSeeker for science blogging

July 18: Galaxy Tool Shed

July 25: Whole Cell Simulation software

August 2012

August 1: Microbiome Resources From JGI

August 8: MaizeGDB Genome Browser & other videos

August 15: Browsing Butterflies with GBrowse and Ensembl

August 22: G-nome Surfer for table-top genome browsing

August 29: GenoCAD for Synthetic Biology

September 2012

September 5: MetaboAnalyst 2.0

September 12: ENCODE enables smaller science

September 19: 3D Virtual Worm (encore)

September 26: 1000 Genomes Dataset Browser from NCBI

October 2012

October 3: JBrowse for genome browsing

October 10: Let Allie help you figure out those acronyms

October 17: OneZoom viewer for large phylogenetic trees

October 24: AnimalTFDB for transcription factors

October 31: Integrative Multi-species Prediction (IMP) Network Analysis Resource

November 2012

November 7: Force11 and the future of research communications

November 14: PATRIC, Pathosystems Resource Integrations Center

November 21: Turkeys and their genomes

November 28: Yak Genome Database

December 2012

December 5: TimeTree, the Timescale of Life resource

December 12: COPASI, a COmplex PAthway SImulator

December 19: TreeGenes

December 26: Annual Review V, first half of the year

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