VectorBase’s shiny new site for nasty species

VectorBase is a site dedicated to collecting the genomics data around a number of invertebrate vectors that carry human pathogens. These may not be the sexiest species going–but they have major impact on human health. See their list of species here. You need kissing bug data–it transmits Chagas–for your research? Find it here. Mosquito species (a bunch). Ticks. Quite a rogue’s gallery.

VectorBase has been around for a long time, but it has a new facelift that has just moved out of beta to the main site (you can still access the previous incarnation for now as well). They have a paper that describes it in more detail in NAR linked below, but the newsletter I just got is a nice summary. I’ll paste it here.  But if you have interest in these species you can sign up for the mailings lists over there and get notified of new features and updates.

VectorBase is pleased to announce the last release of 2012 VB-2012-12 release. This is a major change for us as we are releasing the new website.
  • We have redesigned the homepage to highlight data, tools and resources, FAQs and community interactions. We also anticipate user-focused customization (e.g., accessing previous analyses) in later versions of this site.
  • The BLAST tool has been improved based on prior feedback and is available under the “Tools” tab.
  • Computing resources increased by 100% for BLAST, ClustalW, and HMMER jobs.
  • The search box in the upper right corner of all VectorBase pages can access a new unified search framework. Data is faceted and queries can be filterable by species or type.
  • We have extended the organisms page. This has allowed us to group genomes in a scalable manner while also highlighting and archiving strain, assembly and gene build history.
  • The old help pages/wiki have been reallocated into new content under “Help” and “Community” tabs to consolidate these important documents into a single site and to facilitate search access.
We encourage you to visit the site and welcome feedback at
Highlights of this release include:
* New project website, for more details see the tour of the new site
* Anopheles darlingi included in comparative analyses, DNA-DNA alignments between mosquitoes and Drosophila melanogaster
* Updated gene symbol and synonyms for mosquito speciesAdditional information regarding VB_2012-12 release new release, including specific changes regarding the new beta version of VectorBase, can be found in the release notes by accessing the URL:Release notes VB_2012-12

Happy holidays

VectorBase Team

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Megy, K., Emrich, S., Lawson, D., Campbell, D., Dialynas, E., Hughes, D., Koscielny, G., Louis, C., MacCallum, R., Redmond, S., Sheehan, A., Topalis, P., Wilson, D., & , . (2011). VectorBase: improvements to a bioinformatics resource for invertebrate vector genomics Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (D1) DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkr1089

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