What’s the answer? (Latino genotypes)

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This week’s highlighted question shows the complexity of looking for the type of data you think you need, and how key the curation of information is when you are searching for this kind of information. But further–in this case–how the definition of a population group can be really tricky.

Question: genotype for latino population

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone here can tell me which kind of genotype data I can apply for Latino population? The paper said that it should be the combination of YRI+CEU

If so, the hapmap only offered the separated one rather than the combined genotypes

How can I do this kind of combination or other resources for the Latino population?



The reason I highlight this is because of the ensuing discussion. Saying that you need “Latino” genotypes is not very precise, and the comments section spells that out very nicely. Check out the complexity of this issue with the chatter. And it reminded me of an excellent presentation at ASHG not long ago that assessed the details and differences among Puerto Rican, Mexican, and other American groups that was fascinating and had important distinctions. It’s interesting to think about when you can download all this data, but you need to understand what you are really looking for.