What’s the answer? (network visualization)

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Today’s featured issue: More visualization! I continue to want to explore more options to visualize data in new or handy ways. This week’s question offers me some new resources to explore. Check it out.

Question: network visualization tools

Hi to all. I would like to plot a network of interacting genes. I performed Mutual Information between genes starting from gene expression values, so my adjacency matrix is composed of mutual information values. Now I would like to have a visualization of the interactions. I tried to use Cytoscape or R igraph or RCytoscape but all this methods transform the adjacency matrix in a boolean matrix. Is there a way or a tool that does not transform the adj matrix in a boolean one? This because according to the mutual information value I would like to have different lengths in edges. For example if A and B interact with a mutual information value of 0.20, the edge connecting them will be longer than the edge connecting A and C that show a mutual information of 0.1.

Any suggestion about this?

Thank you in advance.


Follow the links in the answers to learn about a couple of tools that might solve this. And also add your own suggestions if you know something that might be good to explore.

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