Updated ENCODE tutorial and training materials from OpenHelix once again freely available.

OpenHelix and the UCSC Bioinformatics group have worked together to give everyone free access to the newly updated ENCODE tutorial until the end of February 2013.

The online tutorial suite teaches users how to access the ENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser.  The online tutorial, created by OpenHelix in conjunction with the UCSC Bioinformatics Group can be viewed for free at http://www.openhelix.com/ENCODE2.  The tutorial has been updated to reflect the recent changes to the UCSC Genome Browser.

The online narrated tutorial, which runs in just about any browser, can be viewed from beginning to end or navigated using chapters and forward and backward sliders. The approximately 60-minute tutorial explores ways for you to access the ENCODE data available within the UCSC Genome Browser. Combined with the OpenHelix tutorials on the search and display features of the UCSC Genome Browser, the ENCODE data will enable researchers to access cutting-edge data.

In addition to the tutorial, users can also access useful training materials including the animated PowerPoint slides used as a basis for the tutorial, suggested script for the slides, slide handouts, and exercises. These resources are useful for teachers and professors to create classroom content.

In addition to the ENCODE tutorial suite, OpenHelix offers over 100 tutorial suites on other web-based bioinformatics and genomics tools as well.  Some of the tutorials suites are freely available through support from the resource providers.  The whole catalog of tutorials suites is available through a subscription. Users can view the tutorials and download the free materials at www.openhelix.com.