Where’s Mark Boguski now?

There are some names of people that always catch my attention. Mark Boguski‘s name is one of those. I am always curious about where he’s turning up.  We’ve got tutorials on several of the things he has touched at some point :) This includes NCBI, Allen Brain Atlas, and more.

A month or so I got a newsletter that had a story about his new gig.  You can access the podcast here: http://www.bio-itworld.com/LSW/Mark_Boguski

So I went over to watch the podcast.  The first third or so of this covers the resume.  But then it moves to the new stuff.

He’s now involved with a company called Resounding Health Incorporated.  In the interview he describes it as “deep vertical” on the “health information space”.  Initially conceived to help consumers with medical information, they realized that MDs need the help too.  So it has both consumer and provider aspects.

Mark says that consumer genomics is just a small part of this.  That surprised me based on his history.  But they became aware of how much broader the need for quality medical information was that they zoomed out from just focusing on personal genomics.

They have launched a very beta version now, and you can see what they’ve got here: http://www.resoundinghealth.com/ Mark said that it should be considered like the developing brain at this point–as more information comes in, and more people use the tools, good connections will be strengthened and other stuff will be pruned away.  But keep in mind it is under development still.

At the end of the podcast they also discuss a related project founded by Mark’s wife (I didn’t catch her name, and there’s no “about” at the site).  She’s a retired pediatrician who was trying to find a way to use “teachable moments” to educate patients on health topics.  They’ve developed a blog format for this called “CelebrityDiagnosis”.   I’m not keen on people getting health information from celebrities (ahem Jenny McCarthy).  But this may be a better route for that.  That blog is here: http://blog.celebritydiagnosis.com/ Currently Farrah’s Story is at the top.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, I figured some people in this field would be curious too.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Mark Boguski now?

  1. Mark Boguski

    Hi Mary. http://www.CelebrityDiagnosis.com isn’t health information from celebrities but rather about them: “common diseases affecting uncommon people” and is an attempt to create a serial collection of teachable moments in medicine. The person behind this is Dr. Michele Berman who actually launched one of the first private practice web sites in the U.S. circa 1995. It was time for an encore. There are some new features and capabilities we enabled on CelebDx just yesterday, such as the ability to create, store and print “casebooks” of your own online research. In addition, I have a “day job” at Harvard Medical School and you can see what I’m up to there in a “Policy Forum” coming out in Science next week. Cheers, Mark

  2. Mary

    Hi Mark–thanks for the update! You seem to always be involved in projects that I’m interested in, so I was pleased to know more.

    And thanks for the clarification on Dr. Berman. I much prefer the idea that people get health information _not_ from celebrities :) Good luck with all those directions you are taking now. I’ll be over to check them out.

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